Your pet needs to be in your graduation photos

This young man earned his MBA and that’s a huge accomplishment! We decided to do his portraits in Downtown Fullerton for an urban vibe. There are stair cases to sit on and plenty of versatile backgrounds to make your photo session unique and catered to your client. The backgrounds made this photo shoot pop but what truly made this a standout session was the fact that his dog got to be part of it.

His wife came and brought their precious dog along for the shoot. Let’s just say this precious pup was a perfect addition to the photos but don’t take my word for it. Scroll down to see for yourself.

There are many reasons why a dog makes a photo shoot better than without. It adds variety and let’s be honest, standing in front of a camera is not the most comfortable thing to do if you aren’t used to it. The client’s furry friend will probably make them feel more at ease and produce more genuine reactions. Of course there will be some posed photos but for my style I gravitate toward capturing moments. If someone is playing with their dog you are more likely to catch the most genuine smile or laughter from them.

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