One of the best places in So Cal to get portraits with variety

If you are an engagement photographer and you want variety for the bride to be and groom then Crystal Cove is a stunning location. Why?

You get the best of both worlds as in you get forest greenery and dirt pathways in one area then walk a little distance and you are at the beach surrounded by cute vibrant buildings as well as rust colored rock formations and cliffs.

Signs and flowers are an excellent addition to the shoot. Flowers provide a nice prop to hold so one of the clients had something to do with their hands and a sign serves the same purpose. Also, a sign is valuable so people viewing the photo know it’s a save the date with a visual reminder!

Roses or any other flower can make a photo more romantic. They scream LOVE and if the client is wearing a light color the roses will contrast against the clothing.

The beach area is a little tricky because it can get a lot of foot traffic so timing the shots is essential (and perhaps knowing your way around photoshop because it’s not too difficult to remove one or two people from a background)

This session was dreamy. It felt like a fun day that I got to document as an important milestone in the couple’s life. That is the style I typically go for when I do engagement sessions. It should feel fun and relaxed.

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