My Tips for Simultaneously Photographing 3 Seniors

Graduation photos can be daunting especially if you have three seniors to capture photos for at the same time. This experience involved a bit of trial and error simply because it can be overwhelming. I wanted each client to feel important and that they got the full value of their session. Everyone has their unique style to photographing senior portraits but I do have a universal piece of advice that ended up working well for me. At first I had the three girls with me at each place I went so that two were standing next to me while one was being photographed. This was a mistake I realized because I could tell they were shy/nervous. I thought… “If I was one of them would I like being watched while I was being photographed”. My answer to this internal question was NO. Therefore I devised a method where I would have two of the girls wait with each other with their parents while one got to have their moment in front of the camera. There was a huge change in confidence and comfort which resulted in better photos because their personalities shined through! My advice is to think about what’s going on in the client’s mind. Be mindful and aware of when they might be shy or holding back because there can be easy fixes to the issue.

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